How to remove Servo Motor Humming Noise ?

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Hello friends, First of all we known as when come out of noise in servo motor.. so let’s start one of the most common reason for noise reason in servo motor, when building D.C Brush or brushless D.C motor based machine.


Servo motor noise reduce tips

Servo motor minimize excess cables line :- Check Servo motor all power cable, and it’s cable connection from panel to machine, Avoid loose cable layout around of motor side.

If you want to reduce servo motor humming noise, so please use a shielded cable for servo motor.

If Servo Motor on load

Servo motor is normal and causes by poor tuning, backlash between the motor and the encoder ( Potentiometer ). Also gearbox with attached lead screw noise, Coupling noise, lack of a deadband, gearbox noise caused by the spur gear teeth hitting each other.

So, we can use greasing, Lubrication, quieter gear geometries, helical gears which mesh smoothly.

If Servo Motor Vibrate

Servo motor in Vibration can be causes by mechanical problems, Such as loose or Unlubricated Bearings…. or another common reason of vibration is a Weight Unbalanced one of rotating movement Component of machine (servo motor).

Servo Motor Troubleshoot

Make sure to clean or remove particles, dry out any plugs and check all cables. Check for a bind in the axis or if the brushes are worn down in the DC motor. Use a volt ohm meter to check for an incoming power supply. You’ll mainly want to test the servo drive to ensure the voltage is correct.

Remove Servo Motor Noise :-

A noisy or chattering servo axis is one of the most common motion problems that engineers encounter when building their DC Brush or Brushless DC motor-based machine.

This is not only annoying but can cause increased wear and tear on the motor and downstream mechanisms.

The problem can occur both when the servo motor is holding position, and when it is moving – although the sound characteristic may be different for each of these conditions.

As it turns out, this common motion problem can come from a number of areas, and therefore can have a number of solutions, so let’s get started.

So, Now We Learn about of How to Remove Servo motor noise problem.


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